Publish your company and fund data to multiple databases and templates in minutes


Update your data once, then share it everywhere

Dasseti ENGAGE provides asset managers and GPs with an AI-powered solution to the time consuming job of maintaining consultant and client databases and various client templates.

Works alongside existing RFP software

Dasseti ENGAGE can ingest data from your current RFP tool, Q&A Bank or data store and adapt and share it with different client templates and consultant databases.

Only for the investment management sector

Because Dasseti ENGAGE has been designed specifically for the investment sector, the platform recognizes industry specific language variations and adapts accordingly. Using AI-powered Smart Search, users can easily find the best responses to questions.

Integrates with Nasdaq eVestment

You spend a lot of time perfecting your Nasdaq eVestment profile. Dasseti ENGAGE allows you to reuse that valuable content in RFP responses and different templates. Change it once, share it widely,

Meet your investors where they are

Don't ask your investors and consultants to change the way they operate. Flex your systems to suit any report output, including Word, Excel, PDF or share online, without adding extra workload to your RFP or IR team.


Respond, publish and distribute up to date information to allocators with a single solution

Dasseti ENGAGE uses AI to help you respond faster and cope with increasing volumes of RFPs and DDQs

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Dasseti ENGAGE allows you to publish individual data points to update consultants databases and client formats consistently and easily

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Dasseti ENGAGE allows you to create and distribute your standard DDQ to selected investors, or share with a wider pool, and see who has interacted with it

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Dasseti Engage

Custom Pricing

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements

  • Icons (2) AI-powered Smart Search and Smart Response
  • Tick icon #2 Nasdaq eVestment integration
  • Icons (2) Centralized content library
  • Tick icon #2 Live data sharing
  • Tick icon #2 Update once, publish everywhere
  • Icons (2) Team workflow and oversight
  • Icons (2) Microsoft Word, Excel and Chrome plugins
  • Icons (2) CRM for investor profiles and file management
  • Icons (2) Full audit trail for compliance
  • Icons (2) Customizable report templates
  • Icons (2) Word, PDF and Excel document scraping
  • Tick icon #2 Integrates with current Investor Relations software stack
  • Tick icon #2 White labelled investor portals available on request

Need clarification?

I've used Dasseti to respond to investor requests in the past. Is this the same platform?

If you have been invited to respond to a questionnaire in Dasseti by an investor in the past, you will be familiar with the Dasseti Manager Portal. Dasseti ENGAGE is an AI-enabled platform which takes the Manager Portal a step further. With Dasseti ENGAGE you can maintain content and responses in a centralized bank, share content between your Nasdaq eVestment profile and RFPs/DDQs, respond to ANY investor request and collaborate with your team members using the platform.

How does Dasseti ENGAGE speed up the response process?

Dasseti ENGAGE allows you to create and maintain a Content store, with approved Question and Answers quickly and easily. 

When DDQs or RFPs come in, you can respond in Word, Excel, or your Chrome browser using our powerful plug ins. Dasseti ENGAGE uses AI Smart Search to suggest the most accurate response based on your own parameters and gives you a head start to complete the response quickly and consistently. 

Team collaboration tools allow you to assign questions and maintain oversight over the response workflow, to monitor progress.

Automatic reminders can be set to nudge your subject matter experts into updating their data points at regular intervals.

How do I access Dasseti ENGAGE?

Dasseti ENGAGE is a cloud-based software app that can be accessed via any web browser.

Book a demo and try it for free on a supported trial, invite your colleagues and then easily switch to a paid account.

How much is Dasseti ENGAGE?

Dasseti ENGAGE is priced on an annual basis, per user according to your specific use case. Please get in touch to discuss pricing.


Transform your DDQ and RFP response process