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Dasseti ENGAGE: Manager and GP investor relations software

Give your IR team the tools they need to be:

Consistent. Efficient. Scalable.


Streamline investor relations

From small GPs to the world's largest asset managers, Dasseti ENGAGE allows IR teams to deliver consistent information, fast, using the platforms investors prefer.

Respond to DDQs and RFPs quickly and easily

When DDQs or RFPs come in, automate the first response draft with Smart Response technology. Then take time to customize and approve.

Publish new data to every investor with a single click

Update information centrally and publish to all clients easily. Save hundreds of hours on manual updates.

Keep sensitive investor information safe

Share live data with LPs via secure investor portals. See who has accessed your information, and restrict where that can be shared.

Meet your investors where they are

Dasseti ENGAGE uses APIs to integrate with other platforms, investor templates, standard DDQs, consultant databases, Word, Excel and Chrome. Don't ask investors to change their systems to meet your needs.

Manage your IR headcount

Meet increasing DDQ and RFP volumes with Dasseti ENGAGE instead of new IR hires.

Provide consistent data to every investor

Ensure high quality communications, from every team, in every location, across every asset class.

Interact with investors in real time

Drive more insightful, valuable investor communications with secure sharing in investor portals.

Manage profiles and QA Bank data in one place

Use Dasseti ENGAGE to manage profiles and QA bank data or integrate with your exiting RFP software or QA bank and automate updates across all templates.


Transforming Investor Relations from reactive to proactive. Without the hard work.

 Dasseti Respond Manager Platform

Dasseti ENGAGE: Manager and GP Investor Relations Software

Custom Pricing

  • Tick icon #2 Secure investor portals
  • Icons (2) Centralized response bank
  • Tick icon #2 Live data sharing
  • Icons (2) Smart Response auto suggestion
  • Tick icon #2 Powerful investment-specific search engine
  • Tick icon #2 Update once, publish everywhere
  • Icons (2) Team workflow and oversight
  • Icons (2) Microsoft Word, Excel and Chrome plugins
  • Icons (2) CRM for investor profiles and file management
  • Icons (2) Full audit trail for compliance
  • Icons (2) Customizable report templates
  • Icons (2) Word, PDF and Excel document scraping
  • Tick icon #2 Integrates with current Investor Relations software stack
  • Tick icon #2 White labelled investor portals available on request

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