Improve investor relations

Don't spend hours manually responding to RFPs and DDQs from investors. Automate repetitive tasks while improving the quality of your responses.

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Cut admin time in half

Don't just respond to investor RFPs and DDQs, pre-empt requests and free up valuable investor relations resource

Microsoft Word Plugin and Editor

Leverage Dasseti's advanced automation features and complete questions with a single click, in the original Word format.

Smart Response Auto Suggestion

Natural Language Processing technology scans questions and suggests a most likely response.

Investor Profile with File Management

Maintain a rich investor profile in a comprehensive, integrated CRM platform.

Centralized Response Bank

Add new Q&As to the Bank with one click. A single source of truth makes it easy to find and insert the latest response data.

Microsoft Word/PDF/Excel Document Scraping

Significantly accelerate processes with advanced automated data ingestion and smart matching.

Team Workflow and Oversight

Assign specific questions to team members and monitor progress with oversight dashboards.

Full Audit Trail

Meet compliance and investor requirements with full audit trails for all DDQ and RFP activity.

Customizable Report Templates

Create stylized, branded documents to share key information with leaders.


Transform your DDQ and RFP response process

Receive DDQ or RFP request

Investors send requests in any format. Dasseti can accept all formats.
Manage multiple requests simultaneously.

Apply Dasseti

NLP tool scans and digitizes questionnaires.
Automatically suggests appropriate answers.

Confirm responses

Select from suggested response or create new. 
Assign questions to team members. 
Validate and approve.

Return to investors

Return in original format. Speed up delivery time and improve consistency.
Automate processes and reduce manual input.

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Customize your RFP and DDQ Process

  • Icons (2) Centralized response bank
  • Icons (2) Smart response auto suggestion
  • Icons (2) Team workflow and oversight
  • Icons (2) Microsoft Word plugin and editor
  • Icons (2) Investor profile with file management
  • Icons (2) Full audit trail
  • Icons (2) Customizable report templates
  • Icons (2) Word, PDF and Excel document scraping

Digitize your DDQ and RFP Response Process