Build stronger relationships with your LPs and respond faster to requests for information


Respond to RFPs, engage more effectively with your LPs and win more mandates with Dasseti ENGAGE

  • AI-enabled RFP response software
  • Give your Investor Relations team the tools they need to succeed
  • Improve client communications
  • Fundraise more effectively

Dasseti ENGAGE for GPs

Streamline investor relations and client services with Dasseti ENGAGE.

Dasseti ENGAGE allows private equity investor relations and client services teams to delivery consistent information, fast, using the platforms LPs prefer.

Respond to DDQs and RFPs quickly and easily

When DDQs or RFPs come in, automate the first response draft with Smart Response technology. Then take time to customize and approve.

Create and share your custom DDQ

Create your custom DDQ and share it securely with your own clients and a wider pool of LPs if you choose to.

Keep sensitive investor information safe

Share your live data with LPs via secure investor portals. See who has accessed your information, and restrict where that can be shared.

Work in the way your LPs prefer

Dasseti ENGAGE can work with your LPs systems and preferred data formats. No need to ask clients to change their systems to meet your needs.

Manage your client team headcount

Meet increasing DDQ and RFP volumes with Dasseti ENGAGE instead of new hires.

Provide consistent data to every LP

Ensure high quality communications, from every team, in every location.

Interact with LPs in real time

Drive more insightful, valuable LP communications with secure sharing via LP portals.

Manage profiles and standard company data in one place

Use Dasseti ENGAGE to manage profiles and standard company data or integrate with your exiting RFP software or QA bank.


Respond, publish and distribute up to date information to allocators with a single solution - Dasseti ENGAGE


Dasseti ENGAGE is AI-enabled to help you respond faster and cope with increasing volumes of RFPs and DDQs

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Dasseti ENGAGE allows you to publish approved data to populate templates and different client formats consistently

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Dasseti ENGAGE allows you to distribute your standard DDQ to selected investors, or share with a wider pool, and see who has interacted with it

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Get a clear view of your portfolio companies' ESG credentials with Dasseti ESG for GPs

  • Collect accurate ESG metrics directly from portfolio companies
  • Compare variable ESG metrics more easily
  • Display data in interactive dashboards
  • Collect the metrics you need to support disclosure requirements
  • Create and share custom client report templates

Dasseti ESG for GPs

There has never been an easier way to collect data directly from your portfolio companies, before sharing easily with LPs, frameworks and regulators. Dasseti COLLECT is designed specifically for the investment sector. We know that one size doesn't always fit all.


Apply your own weightings to incorporate your firms' materiality factors

Client Reporting

Create data-driven reports using metrics collected directly from portfolio companies. Create templates to speed up recurring reports.

Regulatory Reporting

Collect and report the ESG metrics you need to meet the requirements of SFDR, SEC Climate Ruling, CSRD, CA Climate Bill and others


View and utilize industry benchmarks from EDCI and Clarity AI in the Dasseti platform

Questionnaire Engine

Create questionnaires from scratch, use best practice templates or ingest pre-filled responses. Share a simple link with your portfolio companies.

Fund and Portfolio Company Data Tracking

Set up pre-defined flags and alerts to track risks within funds or companies.

Workflows and Collaboration Tools

Fully customizable to match your own processes. Allocate tasks, track activities and progress. And see a full audit trail.

Review and Risk Management

Review only the data you want to see in the fully customizable review module.

Automated Scoring and Comparison

Review your portfolio at a glance, with customizable, automated scoring and comparison features.

Analytics and Reporting

Fully customized, automatic report creation in any format. Linked directly to your CRM or database.

Response Portal

Improve response rates with a user friendly and intuitive portal. Portfolio companies can pre-fill from previous answers or drag and drop where required.

CRM and Document Management

Enrich your data with Outlook and SharePoint integrations that let you track contacts, emails and shared documents.

Get full visibility of your portfolio companies' ESG metrics to share with clients and regulators


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Dasseti ENGAGE

General Partners (GPs)

Respond to LP requests for data. Share your custom DDQ securely, smartly and with a wider audience of LPs.

  • Icons (2) Centralized Response Bank
  • Icons (2) Smart Response Auto Suggestion
  • Icons (2) Live Data Sharing
  • Icons (2) Powerful Investment-Specific Engine
  • Tick icon #2 Update Once, Share Everywhere
  • Tick icon #2 Team Workflow and Oversight
  • Tick icon #2 MS Word, Excel, Chrome, Outlook Plugins
  • Tick icon #2 Custom Report Templates
  • Tick icon #2 CRM
  • Tick icon #2 Full Audit Trail
  • Tick icon #2 Document Scraping

Dasseti ESG for GPs

General Partners (GPs)

Get the ESG metrics you need from your portfolio companies. Share quickly and securely with your LPs.

  • Icons (2) ESG and DEI data collection
  • Tick icon #2 Improved Portfolio Company Coverage
  • Icons (2) Customizable Scoring and Comparison
  • Icons (2) Portfolio Company Tracking
  • Icons (2) Data Room Integration
  • Icons (2) Workflow and Collaboration Tools
  • Icons (2) Advanced Analytics
  • Icons (2) CRM
  • Icons (2) Research and Document Management
  • Icons (1) Custom LP Reporting
  • Icons (1) Regulatory Reporting

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