AI will drive efficiencies for asset managers and allocators

AI can drive huge efficiency gains for asset managers and asset allocators. Dasseti is releasing enhancements to its manager, allocator and ESG software platforms.

Welcome to our special series on AI and practical applications of the technology within the investment management industry! This is Part I of a series.

AI has exploded

As you can't fail to recognize, interest in AI has exploded over the last 12-18 months in every sector, and investment management is no exception. 

The possibilities are endless

But, the scope and reach of AI are very broad. From helping you explain to your 4-year-old how bees produce honey, to using it in your organisation to create slide decks, solve complex problems or write in almost any programming language.

AI is not a threat, it’s a useful tool like any other

As a result, some people see AI as a threat. For me, I see AI as another tool at my disposal (the same way that Excel is a tool) and humans remain absolutely central to making sense of what the tools have to offer.

3 key drivers for AI in the investment management space

Through this series of articles, we will explain how AI can be used as a powerful tool within the investment management industry, especially within the Dasseti platforms. We really see 3 main drivers for our users:

  1. Efficiencies and productivity
  2. Instant insights on your data
  3. Co-pilot – I will explain what I mean by this in a later article
In this article, I’m going to focus on the first one.

Efficiency and productivity

Due diligence reviews are note-heavy and labour intensive

For our asset allocator clients, we know that due diligence requires a certain amount of writing. Due diligence teams (whether investment or non-investment teams) spend a significant amount of time interacting with managers and third parties. During the due diligence process, analysts capture the topics that are discussed, summarise main takeaways, strengths and weaknesses of a manager, follow-up items etc. 

We know that writing notes during a due diligence meeting can be challenging, and it often takes a few hours to consolidate and clean up the notes before they can be stored, shared or included in a post meeting report. 

After a full day of onsite visits or when a call finishes at 9pm, cleaning up meeting notes is the last thing that an analyst wants to do… this tedious process is often postponed (to prioritise other more urgent tasks). This can make it even more difficult later and key items might get missed.

Managers are also struggling 

Our manager clients also have a hard job. They typically have to respond to multiple RFPs at the same time under tight timelines, and sometimes under different constraints. Different clients and databases have different limitations such as word or character limits, and this can be a challenging and tedious task for our clients to reformulate and shorten answers that they currently maintain.

AI can help

In order to assist our clients solving these needs, AI providers have developed solutions that will:

  • Re-write your notes in a more structured and formal way for you. It will also remove typos, replace certain words with more suitable ones, and rephrase certain sentences to make them sound more professional.
  • Summarise/shorten a specific text based on specific character/word limits.

Dasseti is embedding AI across all our solutions to help our clients meet these challenges

At Dasseti, we recognize that AI can help our clients and we have been working out a suite of solutions and enhancements. 

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing Smart Writer and Smart Summary, two AI-powered tools that will allow our clients to consolidate, clean up and or summarize their meeting notes at a click of a button. 

This is one of the multiple practical applications that we see within the AI space that will make you more productive and only focussing on where you add value.

I hope that you found this useful. In my next Article of this AI Series, I will cover how AI can provide quick Insights on your data so stay tuned!


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