Diligend is rebranding as Dasseti

Diligend is rebranding as Dasseti. Dasseti means to make visible. The rebrand reflects the evolution of the platforms. This is due diligence and much more. Visibility and analysis means better insights to inform decision making.

Diligend is evolving!

We believe the change of name to Dasseti better reflects the evolution of our Collect and Respond platforms.

As the market has changed we have extended beyond operational due diligence, into investment due diligence, third party due diligence and oversight, ESG data collection and analysis, monitoring, risk management and compliance. Our Respond platform, launched in 2022, streamlines investor relations, communications and marketing for asset managers.

But why Dasseti?

Apart from the obvious "asset" reference, which of course is the industry we serve, the word perfectly encapsulates our purpose, which is to make data visible so you can use it better.

Dasseti is a Pali word used by Theravada Buddhists and is defined as,

“Shows; reveals, exhibits, demonstrates, makes appear, makes visible.”

Our platforms, Collect and Engage simplify and automate the transfer of critical data points between allocators, managers and entities in the investment value chain so that data can be better organized, analyzed and utilized.

How can you make better use of your data with Dasseti?

Dasseti Collect allows asset allocators to use data to drive decision making, reveal insights, flag risks and provide confidence.

Dasseti Engage allows asset managers to demonstrate stability, exhibit suitability and provide visibility into their organisation and their funds. 

Dasseti ESG Collect allows firms across the value chain to collect and analyze hard-to-reach ESG data points, to benchmark and measure progress against different regulations and standards. Or simply to stay accountable.

What's next?

The need for data is growing. Investors are requesting more from managers and  underlying assets. While market data can meet some needs, it is becoming more important to plug knowledge gaps with custom data collected directly. This is the future and Dasseti is ready for it.


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