Dasseti's Outlook for 2024

2024 is here and the Dasseti team is ready to handle the diverse economic, geopolitical and regulatory forces expected to be at play in the investment sector this year.

We know that robust data management solutions are even more important in tumultuous times, and data-based decision-making when performing due diligence is on everyone’s wish list. 

Likewise, doing more quality work with the same sized team, is a core requirement any time of year. 

Some major trends we are anticipating in 2024 are:

Interest Rates and Inflation:

The expected stabilization in interest rates, coupled with the ebb and flow of inflation, could significantly influence investment strategies. 
Allocators and managers will increasingly need data management systems that are capable of rapidly adjusting to changes in financial conditions.

Geopolitical Dynamics:

Ongoing geopolitical tensions underscore the importance of agility in financial strategies. 
Once again, investment institutions may need to swiftly adapt to changing international relations and associated market impacts. They will need flexible, adaptable data management solutions to underpin decision making.

Growth Projections:

With uneven growth forecasts across regions, asset allocators and managers need sophisticated tools to analyze and respond to diverse economic indicators.
Collecting proprietary data from asset managers or portfolio companies at source can allow allocators and managers to act quickly to mitigate risks.

ESG Trends and Predictions

ESG Integration:

The growing emphasis on ESG compliance across markets requires tools that can effectively analyze positions and help integrate ESG factors into broader investment strategies.

Dasseti’s ESG GP and LP platforms simplify the ESG data collection process from end to end and allow clients to collect their own data directly from source. It can be manipulated and analyzed to suit different frameworks, client requirements or internal targets.

ESG Regulatory Adaptability:

Anticipating and adjusting to ESG-related regulatory changes will be crucial. 
Dasseti offers adaptable ESG data management solutions that can seamlessly integrate new compliance requirements as they emerge.

Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis:

In 2024, the ability to assess portfolios not just on financial performance but also on ESG impacts will be vital. This complexity in portfolio assessment will benefit from advanced data management and analysis tools.

Using Dasseti ESG LP, LPs and fund of funds can drill down into every individual holding, line by line. Each holding can be assessed on any metric individually, or rolled up at a portfolio level. This level of transparency is incredibly hard to achieve using traditional ESG data collection solutions and saves a huge amount of time.

Technological Innovations and Trends

Emerging Technologies:

Technologies like AI large language models are poised to reshape investment firms from front to back, emphasizing the need for data management systems that embrace or can incorporate these new paradigms.

We have been working on brand new AI enhancements right across our solution stack. The new features will provide users with smart searches, smart document summaries and smart write ups, to allow allocators and managers to carry out routine tasks faster and more easily.

Cybersecurity Emphasis:

As reliance on digital solutions increases, so does the need for robust cybersecurity measures within data management systems.

Having obtained our SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation in 2023, Dasseti clients are assured of the highest levels of platform and organizational security. Granular access controls and full audit trails across all platforms meet the most stringent security requirements for the investment sector.

Operational Efficiency and Client Focus

Tailored Solutions:

Customization in solutions, backed by strong data management, will play a key role in meeting specific client needs and preferences.
Custom reporting in client colours and branding is available to Dasseti users, allowing them to produce regular and personalized client materials with a single click.

We believe we are established as a market leading software firm that is ideally positioned to provide innovative and client-led data management solutions to firms across the investment sector. Allocators and managers that leverage these tools effectively will be better placed to navigate the complexities that are surely coming this year. 

Get in touch to find out more about our solutions or to see a demo.

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