Looking for private markets ESG data?

Collect the ESG metrics you need for regulatory disclosures and client engagement

One platform for LPs and GPs (Direct Investments and Fund of Funds) to collect, analyze and share ESG data from across the private markets

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You will benefit from Dasseti ESG Collect if you are a:

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Understand the ESG credentials of your investments

  • Collect ESG data directly from your GPs / portfolio companies
  • Fulfil internal requirements and track progress against targets
  • Ensure GPs are meeting their expected ESG criteria
  • Inform investment decision making 
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Collect and analyze ESG data from portfolio companies at scale

  • Apply your own weightings and create a score based on what is material to you and your investors.
  • Flex to meet any incoming framework or regulation.
  • Report directly to clients or regulators
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Collect and Report ESG data on your underlying fund investments

  • Collect fund level ESG data, to analyze and report entity, by sector, or roll up into a full portfolio overview.
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements and client engagement goals.

How does Dasseti ESG Collect work?

  • Step 1 - Collect

  • Step 2 - Customize

  • Step 3 - Calculate

  • Step 4 - Benchmark

  • Step 5 - Report

Collect quantitative and qualitative data directly from any entity using a secure digital collection tool; responsible investment strategy, training, policies, screens, material factors, use of standards, due diligence processes, third party and supply chain metrics etc.

Aggregate and customize flags, alerts and tagging to make comparison simpler. 

Dasseti does not impose a proprietary rating or scoring methodology. You choose how you weight, rate and score portfolio companies in order to provide a comparative data set.

Benchmark against industry standards from an ecosystem of providers, using our third party APIs, or data extraction.

Quickly and easily create custom branded reports using any data point in the platform. Share securely with clients and regulators in any format.

ESG Screening

ESG Due Diligence

Ongoing Monitoring and Engagement

Customizable ESG Ratings

ESG Data Visualization

Regulatory disclosures; SFDR, TCFD, CSRD, SEC

Data Driven Client Reporting

Analysis and Internal Reporting

Meet the requirements of any reporting or disclosure framework

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Best practice templates from the world's leading investment organizations

Meet Disclosure and Reporting Requirements with Dasseti Collect for ESG