Automate the collection of private markets ESG data

Collect the ESG metrics you need for regulatory disclosures

One platform for LPs and GPs and Fund of Funds to collect, analyze and share ESG data from across the private markets

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Which firms benefit from using  Dasseti ESG

Dasseti ESG for Limited Partners & Fund of Funds

Understand the ESG credentials of your investments

  • Collect ESG data directly from your GPs / portfolio companies
  • Fulfil internal requirements and track progress against targets
  • Ensure GPs are meeting their expected ESG criteria
  • Inform investment decision making 

Dasseti ESG for General Partners and Direct Investor

Collect and analyze ESG data from portfolio companies at scale

  • Apply your own weightings and create a score based on what is material to you and your investors
  • Flex data collection to meet any incoming framework or regulation
  • Use the proprietary data collected to inform reporting to clients or regulators 

Meet the requirements of the most requested ESG frameworks

  • EDCI-1
  • GRI logo
  • TCFD
  • sasb-ifrs-logo
  • 1200px-Carbon_Disclosure_Project_logo.svg

Best practice templates from the world's leading investment organizations

Collect the metrics you need for reporting and disclosure with Dasseti ESG