Simplify the collection of private markets ESG metrics

Analyze, manage and integrate ESG metrics into your investment processes.

Solutions for LPs/Fund of Funds and GPs  to collect, analyze and integrate primary ESG metrics into disclosures, reporting and decision-making.

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Which firms benefit from using  Dasseti ESG

Dasseti ESG for LPs & Fund of Funds

Understand the ESG credentials of your investments

  • Collect and aggregate massive amounts of ESG metrics directly from your GPs / holdings
  • Fulfil internal requirements and track impact over time
  • Ensure GPs are delivering against commitments
  • Fulfil stakeholder reporting requirements

Dasseti ESG for GPs and Direct Investors

Collect custom ESG metrics from portfolio companies at scale

  • Apply your own weightings and create portfolio company scores based on what is material to you and your investors
  • Flex to meet any incoming framework or regulation
  • Use proprietary data to inform reporting to clients or regulators 

Meet the requirements of the most requested ESG frameworks

  • EDCI-1
  • GRI logo
  • TCFD
  • sasb-ifrs-logo
  • 1200px-Carbon_Disclosure_Project_logo.svg

Best practice templates from the world's leading investment organizations

Collect, analyze and integrate ESG metrics into investment decision-making