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2022 What a Year! A look back...

Despite the geopolitical instability of 2022, we’re thankful to report that it has been a strong year for us at Dasseti.

Despite the geopolitical instability of 2022, we’re thankful to report that it has been a strong year for us at Dasseti. Our client base grew significantly, adding clients in all regions including many in Australia like NGS Super, Selekane Asset Consultants in South Africa, many in Europe like perfORM DD, PwC and KBI Partners, plus a slew of new allocator and managers clients across the US and Canada. This growth allowed us to double the size of our team globally AND expand our range of solutions, to meet changing client demands and respond to new priorities in the market.

Investor relations just got a little bit easier

Launched earlier in 2022, Dasseti Respond is our premium platform for managers and GPs and automates the DDQ and RFP process. The platform searches through previous responses and stored answers in the Q/A bank looking for the closest match, automatically suggesting it, alongside details of how closely it matches the question, when it was last used, in which questionnaire and by whom. This allows investor relations teams to rapidly complete a first draft response that they can then spend time finessing. There are a number of features that set Dasseti Respond apart. Firstly, the add-ins. They mean all the automation features can be used within Outlook, Word or Excel. Secondly, the ease with which managers and GPs can create and share content with investors. Marketing materials, investor comms, fund profiles, ESG brochures, all can be compiled quickly and easily, customised and shared with selected investors using Dasseti.

Shedding light on private markets 

Interest in Diligend from LPs and GPs in private markets has been high this year. Data on GPs and portfolio companies is scarce and LPs are asking GPs for more and more information. GPs are passing the requests on to portfolio companies and the whole value chain is feeling the additional burden. Diligend Collect is perfectly placed as a tool for LPs or GPs to use to collect data from the underlying assets. The platform automates the collection, then helps organize and aggregate the results into a readable, useable, comparable format.


In fact, Diligend has been so successful in private markets that we were awarded the Best ODD Solution in both the European and US Private Equity Wire awards. In March we featured in the WealthTech 100 and were thrilled to be shortlisted in the prestigious Chief Investment Officer Innovation Awards, announced last week.

ESG: Nowhere to hide

Unless you’ve been in hiding for the year, you can’t fail to have noticed that ESG is dominating the headlines. Regardless of different political stances, ESG is becoming more important to shareholders, investors, regulators and workforces, which means allocators and managers have to take notice. Collecting accurate data is one of the many ESG challenges, and Dasseti Collect for ESG can help with this. We have seen a huge uptick from LPs and GPs looking for a way to collect ESG metrics, not just climate related emissions data, but diversity, equality and inclusion data too.

Dasseti Collect for ESG can help managers meet their obligations under SFDR in the EU and allocators with regards to the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and it is likely that climate disclosures in the US will follow a similar path following the SEC proposals earlier in the year. The FSC in Australia has published a similar set of expectations around climate risk disclosure, as has the MAS in Singapore and the SFC in Hong Kong.

Driving additional revenue streams and adding value for consultants

Our consultant client base has grown in 2022. They report that they like the flexibility of Dasseti Collect for Consultants, as it can be completely configured to their specific needs. Some are using Dasseti to monitor sub-advisors, delegates and third parties, others are using it to drive additional value for investment clients and yet others are underpinning due diligence consultancy services with our platform.

How can we help you?

We’re here to listen and to give you what you need, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss your own data collection and analysis requirements.

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