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Address traditional due diligence challenges

Gain visibility into your investment portfolio with our digital due diligence platform that allows you to perform investment due diligence (IDD).

Use the same platform to perform operational due diligence (ODD) to understand your managers from front to back. Monitor how they operate, who team members are, what the strategy is and how robust the firm is. 

Data overload

With a lot of data coming into the ODD and research teams in different formats and from different sources, it can be hard to keep track.

Missing information

Without flagging and alerts, data collection may be incomplete or formatted incorrectly. Important disclosures could be missed.

Time consuming

The due diligence process can be lengthy and complex. As you increase the size of your portfolio and add managers, running more DDQs and monitoring exercises, the process becomes even more complex.

Data accuracy issues

Manual data collection processes using word documents, excel spreadsheets or PDFs may not be as accurate as required.

Maintaining an audit trail

With manual processes, it can be difficult to maintain a clear audit trail that may be needed in the event of a review. You may need to spend hours looking through emails and attachments.

Key person risk

Over time, due diligence processes become heavily dependent on specific individuals in the ODD and research teams, which poses a risk of dependency on one or two team members.

Complex portfolios

As your portfolio becomes more complex, it becomes harder to initially review, compare and monitor managers quickly.

Repetitive tasks

Regular due diligence exercises can be repetitive and tedious, with ODD and research teams scouring and comparing documents for changes.

Every feature you need to manage your fund and manager data more effectively

DDQ Engine

Ask the questions you want the answers to. Perform operational, investment or ESG due diligence with our simple, intuitive and customizable DDQ engine.

Data Tracking

Set up pre-defined flags and alerts to track risks within managers, funds or other third parties.

Workflows and Collaboration Tools

Allocate tasks, track activities and progress. And see a full audit trail whenver you need to.

Review and Risk Management

Review only the data you want to see in the fully customizable review module.

CRM and Document Management

Enrich your data. Outlook and SharePoint integrations let you track contacts, emails and shared documents.

Automated Scoring and Comparison

Monitor third parties at a glance, with customizable, automated scoring and comparison.

Analytics and Reporting

Fully customized, automatic report creation in any format. Linked directly to your CRM or database.

Response Portal

White-labelled response portal is user friendly and intuitive. Third parties can pre-fill from previous answers or drag and drop where required.

Gain visibility and control over your investments