Make sure your funds, managers and GPs measure up

Dasseti Collect is a digital due diligence and monitoring platform that helps you automate operational and investment due diligence.

Equip manager selection teams with the tools they need to compare managers quickly but thoroughly.

Ensure your members' investments are safe with regular and thorough due diligence throughout the lifecycle of the investment. 


To Overcome Common Due Diligence Challenges

Data Overload

Data and document overload

Keep all your research in one place for easy access and version control.



Maintain a full audit trail and greater transparency across the organization.

Team (2)

Complex investment strategies

Adapt due diligence processes dynamically across managers and asset classes.

Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive and time consuming

Automate repetitive manual processes to speed up quarterly or annual monitoring.


One platform, many use cases

  • Operational Due Diligence

  • ESG and DEI Data Collection

  • Monitoring

  • Document Management

  • Single Source of Truth

  • Meeting Oversight

  • Reporting

Streamline your ODD process

Send questionnaires with ease and automate the tagging, flagging and alerts as the responses come in.

Set up workflows that mean your team follow a consistent process for every ODD exercise.

Scale your ODD operations with ease with Dasseti Collect.

Visualize your portfolio's ESG and diversity position

ESG and Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity issues are at the top of the agenda for policyholders and regulators but it can be hard to find the data you need, particularly in private markets.

Dasseti Collect for ESG allows you to collect any data point using the Dasseti questionnaire builder, then analyze and display in a set of custom dashboards. Or use industry standard templates like the ILPA DDQ which includes diversity metrics from the PRI. 

Gain complete and continual visibility into your portfolio

Regular, consistent monitoring of funds, GPs and managers is time consuming and repetitive.

Dasseti Collect automates the monitoring process and allows you to scale operations effortlessly. Document scraping, auto comparisons, smart matching and custom workflows cut admin time in half and provide full visibility across portfolios.

Identify gaps, centralize and standardize your research documents

Empower your portfolio managers and analysts with highly organized research documentation.

Combine meeting notes, DDQs and market research in a single platform for easy viewing and custom reporting.

Bring order and efficiency with a platform that flexes to fit your specific workflows.

Seamlessly import documents from other systems and data rooms using robust APIs

Dasseti works in harmony with standard workflows and practices. Robust, secure APIs allow integration with other platforms and data rooms, allowing you to ingest data from multiple sources to view and analyze in the Dasseti  Collect platform.

Maintain oversight of board and advisory meetings

Schedule meetings, pull board reports together with a few clicks and visualize investment data using custom charts and graphs.


Speedy Reporting

Generate reports with a few clicks. Share your ESG scores, based on data points you have collected directly from managers and GPs. Prepare for manager monitoring meetings, with the latest DDQ responses, showing risks and flags. Assist compliance teams with time stamped data on products, managers, pay, regulatory action, gender diversity or any data point you choose.

Dasseti is packed with useful tools

APIs and Integration

No more flicking between platforms. Allow your systems to talk to each other with custom APIs.

Fund, Manager and GP Data Tracking

Set up pre-defined flags and alerts to track risks within funds, GPs or managers.

GP and Manager Portal

GPs and managers can respond quickly and easily to your data requests in a web-based portal. We make it easy for them to pre-fill from previous answers or drag and drop where required.

CRM and Document Management

Outlook and SharePoint integrations let you track and manage contacts, emails and shared documents. Enrich your research and diligence data for a holistic view.

Workflows and Collaboration Tools

Build digital workflows and approvals processes that match the way your business works. Allocate tasks, track activities and progress. And see a full audit trail.

Review and Risk Management

Review managers and funds in a fully customizable review module.

Automated Scoring and Comparison

See how your portfolio looks at a glance, with customizable, automated scoring and comparison features.

Analytics and Reporting

Create branded reports in minutes. Linked directly to your CRM or database.


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