LPs and Fund of Funds, collect vital metrics at a GP, fund and holding level for complete visibility

A complete data collection, aggregation and analysis solution for LPs and Fund of Funds

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​Automate and drive efficiency at every stage of the ESG lifecycle

  • Build custom or industry standard ESG questionnaires​ easily
  • Automate send and follow up​
  • Centralize data from multiple sources
  • Pre-process data review with automated scoring and flagging
  • Manage ongoing ESG review​s
  • Seamlessly export data for regulatory reporting

Multi-level ESG data capture

Get full visibility into your portfolio, right down to the holdings level

  • Enhanced transparency through the GP to the underlying holdings
  • Request qualitative and quantitative data at three levels:
    • GP level
    • Fund level
    • Underlying portfolio company level

  • View individual holdings or roll into a portfolio view
  • Better understand your portfolio composition
  • Complete ownership of your data with no third party involvement
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Calculate fund-level disclosures in-app

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Aggregate, weight and roll up the data you receive to easily report your own fund KPIs

  • Integrate financial data to run weighted calculations on the information you receive.  
  • Fully embedded SFDR PAI aggregation tool for fund level regulatory reporting.  
  • Use custom calculated values to report on proprietary metrics you collect.  

Complete the picture with benchmarks and proxy data

Leverage industry-leading benchmarking and proxy data partnerships

  • Dasseti has partnered with ClarityAI to provide clients with powerful benchmarking
  • Effectively address gaps in data and identify outlying data points at the point of entry
  • Achieve insights at greater depth
  • Compare entities and portfolios with more confidence
  • Accurately measure impact over time
  • As an EDCI data partner Dasseti clients can submit data directly into the EDCI platform via API and leverage benchamarks in the Dasseti app
ESG benchmarks and proxy data

Powerful analytics dashboards

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Unlock insights and assess impact

  • Embedded dashboards allow you to view any metric across all investments
  • Customizable dashboard options allow you to review standardized metrics and firm specific KPIs
  • Powerful data warehouse allows you to feed data into your own reporting tools and analytics platforms, ie Power BI


Increase your response rates, improve data accuracy and achieve greater coverage

Tech-enabled data validation and centralization 

  • Validate data against pre-set parameters as it enters the platform.
  • Make it easy for GPs to reuse data across LP requests
  • Industry leading frameworks and standard data points in the platform make it easier for GPs to provide the right metrics


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Leverage the Dasseti Network of over 5000 GPs already responding to questionnaires

  • GPs can easily re-use answers across different LP requests in the Dasseti portal
  • Provide familiar tools that are easy to use

Easily transition from your existing process to Dasseti

Upload historic data from internal sources and easily transition from existing platforms to minimize disruption

  • Pre-fill GPs responses with previous submissions
  • Track changes in responses and understand progress on specific KPIs  
Easy transition to Dasseti

Push and pull data with other systems through the Dasseti API

Powerful API

Seamlessly integrate with your internal databases, portfolio management system or other platforms

  • Upload financial data to support calculations such as fund level PAIs
  • Push data to other systems and teams to increase the value of your collected data across the organisation

Reduce GP workload and use standardized metrics and frameworks 

Leverage a wide range of standardized data points and frameworks in the Dasseti ESG platform

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Data consulting service

We work closely with your team to meet your specific needs, and never enforce our own frameworks.

We conduct a structured data outreach campaign following the steps below to collect the metrics you need for regulatory reporting and the KPIs most material to your aims.  

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

  • Step 4

  • Step 5

  • Step 6

  • Step 7

Identify the KPIs and disclosures you are required to report

Each client has different data requirements and different materiality factors which we take into account when setting up the Dasseti platform.

Identify the required data points

Every client will require different data points to calculate their KPIs. 

We undertake a structured data outreach campaign based on your specific data requirements.

Define where calculations will take place

Calculations can be done in Dasseti or in another platform.

If calculations will be done in the Dasseti platforms, you will receive guidance on the additional data points required, not covered in the outreach (such as Fund NAV and/or Invested Capital).  

If calculations will be performed in other systems, we work with you to define a data product or API that can be easily ingested by your own platform for calculation.  

Construct Questionnaires

Creating questionnaires is easy in Dasseti ESG. Our powerful and easy to use Questionnaire builder allows us to create or manipulate existing questionnaires to suit your exact requirements.

Identify the data points per report

Define which funds are required to report each value based on which fund each deal sits within.  

Apply best practice to questionnaire design

Map out outliers and less standard deal types to make sure questionnaires are relevant and avoid duplication (Examples include Secondary Investments, Co-Investments, Infrastructure Projects, REITs and more).  

Personalize to each GP

Maximize response rates and construct each distribution list to ensure that all funds receive questionnaires tailored to them. Ensure all required data is requested in the outreach campaign.  

What do our clients say?

Before Dasseti, we had real issues getting our GPs to respond and chasing and monitoring responses was taking up so much of the time we should be using to unlock value across our investments.

We used to send out a long questionnaire that often asked questions which were not relevant to that GP or were not needed for our fund level reporting. This created fatigue and impacted the number of responses we got back. The simple, tailored approach means that GPs are only required to provide the data relevant to them and we have seen a huge increase in responses since implementing the system, not to mention the amount of time we have saved chasing people up!

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