Dasseti Launches Unique Software to Help Investment Manager RFP and Investor Relations Teams Win More Mandates

‘Engage’ platform addresses major investment manager pain points of stretched team resources and increased demands for data of different types.

Dasseti, the award-winning digital due diligence software company, has launched Dasseti Engage for asset managers and private equity GPs. The platform is designed for investor relations, RFP and client services teams to improve distribution and speed up responses to client and consultant requests. Using the platform teams can deliver consistent information to every client and distribute fund and company data smartly and securely. The launch comes after Dasseti’s Series A financing led by Nasdaq Ventures in January 2023.

Dasseti Engage can help under-resourced teams to achieve more, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively without increasing headcount.

“Meeting investor and consultant demands for data has traditionally been time- consuming and laborious, and often results in missed opportunities or team burnout. Managers are overloaded with an increased number of requests either related to new opportunities or to existing relationships (Clients and Consultants) reporting commitments,”

said Wissem Souissi, CEO and Founder of Dasseti.

“The industry needs a solution that does more than just store questions and answers. Concerns about consistency, reactivity, and client satisfaction combined with the risk of missing out on new sales opportunities are growing, and standardization is still far from being a realistic concept. Current solutions range from adding more people to the team or investing in new technology, neither of which has addressed the problem, until now - Dasseti Engage is the solution that the industry has been waiting for,”

Souissi continues.

Unique Solution

Dasseti Engage offers a unique digital solution for teams that may have already invested in technology but haven’t seen the transformation and efficiency gains they expected. Dasseti Engage can work alongside existing RFP tools, CRMs and Question and Answer banks to extract, flex and publish data across all DDQs, client templates and helps with consultant databases updates. These unique features helps investor relations and RFP teams scale monthly, quarterly, or annual reporting with increased efficiency.

"By automating and streamlining the way investor relations and RFP teams work, the platform takes investor processes and specific requirements into account, while allowing asset managers to provide consistent information faster and with less risk.
Dasseti Engage will be a valuable tool for investor relations teams, allowing for greater efficiency and capacity to manage increasing requests for data,”

said Souissi.

Complement existing IR software

Dasseti Engage provides a unique set of features that can be used together or on a standalone basis. The platform can automate the response process, make regular updates and distribute live data securely.

Integrates with eVestment

In addition, through the partnership with Nasdaq eVestment, a global leader in institutional data and analytics, clients can perform more thorough assessments, compare data and enhance reporting.

Engage enables teams to publish data updates across standard DDQs, consultant or clients’ tailored templates, rapidly respond to client requests as they come in and distribute live client materials efficiently and securely.


Dasseti Engage uses Natural Language Processing to auto-suggest best-fit responses for RFPs and DDQs based on previous answers. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint plugins make it even easier to respond to requests, collaborate with team members and populate client files and records with supporting material. The platform also leverages one of the investment sectors’ most comprehensive AI-enabled search features to recognize specific industry terms and variants used by different investors and consultants.

About Dasseti:

Dasseti (formerly Diligend) is a leading software platform that helps institutional investors, investment consultants and investment managers meet the rigorous demands for data collection, analysis, exchange, reporting and compliance at every stage of the investment lifecycle.

Dasseti Collect allows allocators to streamline data collection and analysis processes through digitization, automation and collaboration.

Dasseti Collect for ESG is a powerful one to one data collection and analysis platform. Uniquely it can be used by General Partners in the private equity sector to collect data from underlying assets, including funds and portfolio companies.

Dasseti's Engage allows asset/fund managers to improve investor relations by streamlining processes such as responding to client requests, delivering consistent information or distributing reports quickly and securely.

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