Dasseti Wins Best ESG Solution Provider Award for 2023

The team at Dasseti were thrilled to win the Best ESG Solution Provider award at the 2023 Private Equity Wire European Awards earlier in March.

You may have seen our social media posts about winning the Best ESG Solution Provider Award at the Private Equity Wire Awards for 2023 in Europe. Winning this particular award is really exciting news, because it's such a huge area of growth for us.

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Market demand for ESG data transparency has increased 

We have recognized the increased interest over the past 18 months, particularly from firms in the private markets, and we have worked hard on our Dasseti Collect for ESG platform to make sure it really addresses some big challenges. From our customizable weighted scoring, to our advanced analytics dashboards, the platform is geared towards helping firms create their own ratings and understand their portfolio's credentials better.


Our solution is particularly useful for GPs

Any firm can use Dasseti Collect for ESG to collect custom ESG metrics, but we have found that those with the greatest need for transparency are the GPs. LPs are demanding more information than ever, about the GP, third parties, and underlying portfolio companies, but the onus is on the GP to provide that information.

For many GPs, the portfolio company data simply isn't there. Most have no legal requirement to report, and without any standardized templates to complete, they aren't calculating or providing the data.


How do GPs use the Dasseti Collect for ESG to get data from portfolio companies?

GPs can use Dasseti Collect for ESG to create and distribute questionnaires, from scratch or based on industry standard templates. The platform makes it easy to create modified versions for different sectors or business types. When the responses come in, the data is parsed and aggregated to enable the GP to make accurate comparisons, input scoring metrics to highlight portfolio companies that may or may not meet expectations in different areas.

GPs can input their own weightings to how the underlying assets measure up as part of an overall portfolio, and these can be created for each LP. Creating reports using the data in charts, graphs or tables is simple. GPs can share these directly with LPs in an interactive investor portal, or download to share in a different format.

Tim Mapley Holding Award

Secure, one-to-one custom data collection is appealing

Because our cloud-based platform, Dasseti Collect for ESG, is a one-to-one secure data collection platform, it that enables GPs to gather highly sensitive or potentially controversial data from portfolio companies. Unlike market data providers, data collected via Dasseti is used only by the GP and associated LPs, making portfolio companies more likely to share.

If you'd like to see for yourself, schedule a demo so you can see the platform in action


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