Investment Company Institute Subadviser Oversight

This DDQ has been developed to assist fund advisers in overseeing their subadvisers. 

Dasseti clients can now access the ICI Subadviser DDQ in the platform. 

ICI Subadviser Oversight Graphic
ICI Subadviser Oversight DDQ

To be completed annually by subadvisers and shared with advisers for which they provide subadvisery services

This questionnaire might be used by an adviser as a stand-alone oversight review, to
inform oversight discussions with the subadviser, or as a prelude to an on-site visit to the subadviser.

ICI Subadvisory Oversight DDQ

The ICI Subadviser Oversight DDQ may be used in different ways by different firm types:

  • For Advisers

  • For Subadvisers

  • For Consultants

For advisers using the services of subadvisers

The ICI Subadviser Oversight DDQ may be partially completed by advisers in the Dasseti Collect platform and shared via the portal for completion by the subadviser.

For Subadvisers

Complete the Subadviser Oversight DDQ and maintain it to ensure you are well prepared to respond to questions from adviser clients. This can be done in its current Word format or digitally in the Dasseti platform.

Consultants offering subadviser oversight services to clients

Consultants can use the Dasseti platform to monitor subadvisers on behalf of clients. They can use the digitized ICI DDQ as a basis for their oversight. Dasseti for Consultants can include a white labelled platform and custom reporting, to allow consultants to easily monetize the subvadviser oversight service.

Security Cameras

ICI Subadviser Monitoring DDQ

Advisers using the services of subadvisers can now access a digital version of the ICI DDQ in the Dasseti platform.

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