Distribute your customized fund and company information to a wide range of LPs

Do it your way with Dasseti Engage. Create your fund and company profiles and custom DDQs, the way you want. Share with your clients and wider community of LPs via secure portals. 

Get full insights into who and how LPs have interacted with your content.



Dasseti Engage IR Software

Respond, publish and distribute up to date information to LPs with a single solution

Distribute tailored client information smartly and securely.

Respond to DDQs and RFPs faster.

Publish up to date information in recurring client and consultant templates.

Why are volumes increasing?

Increased scrutiny for operational risk and outsourcing, coupled with tightened regulation has increased the volume of questionnaires allocators send out. High profile failures also causes ODD to peak sporadically.

What impact is the increased volume having?
IR teams are too busy providing information to clients and don't have time to access new prospects. The quality of information they are providing reduces as the quantity increases.
What is the solution?

Dasseti Engage allows IR teams to respond to DDQs and RFPs faster. Using AI and automation, Dasseti Engage suggests the best-fit responses. New team members use the platform to get instant access to approved company data and a historical record of all responses.

Why do you have so many different templates to work in?

Each investor and database has different data entry requirements. One fund may need to report across 50 different quarterly reports or databases.
Finding the right place to update information following a change is a manual process and can be extremely time consuming.

What impact does so many templates and formats have on IR teams?

IR teams are at risk of providing inconsistent responses to allocators, when there are so many different formats and templates to update. Checking and updating hundreds of different templates is manual and time consuming, but it is not feasible to ask allocators to change their templates to suit your processes.

What is the solution?

Dasseti Engage integrates with existing IR software to allow teams to update information once, then publish across all client templates, DDQs and databases. Our powerful AI-enabled search recognizes variants in terminology and matches the correct data.

How do you communicate with Allocators/LPs in a way that works for them?

Allocators, especially LPs often want to consume fund and manager data in a way that is familiar to them. 

Allocators and LPs want easy access to information, but how do you know when they have read the information?

Sharing highly sensitive investment data via email is insecure. Other solutions such as data rooms can be a better option, but may not provide the intelligence and insights that you're looking for. 

What is the solution?

Dasseti Engage provides real time sharing, in a secure and auditable portal. You can track live access of your profiles and DDQs. See who has accessed the materials, when and for how long. Granular security settings allow you to lock down files and data to the individual level, preventing unauthorized sharing, printing or downloading.


Dasseti Engage: Manager and GP investor relations software

Give your IR team the tools they need to be:

Consistent. Efficient. Scalable.

Distribute your custom DDQs

Share your own DDQ and company or fund profiles with LPs, securely and smartly.

We don't force you to use a template or standardized format, share your own data, your way.


Transforming Investor Relations from reactive to proactive. Without the hard work.

 Dasseti Respond Manager Platform

Dasseti Engage: Manager and GP Investor Relations Software

Custom Pricing

  • Tick icon #2 Secure investor portals
  • Icons (2) Centralized response bank
  • Tick icon #2 Live data sharing
  • Icons (2) Smart Response auto suggestion
  • Tick icon #2 Powerful investment-specific search engine
  • Tick icon #2 Update once, publish everywhere
  • Icons (2) Team workflow and oversight
  • Icons (2) Microsoft Word, Excel and Chrome plugins
  • Icons (2) CRM for investor profiles and file management
  • Icons (2) Full audit trail for compliance
  • Icons (2) Customizable report templates
  • Icons (2) Word, PDF and Excel document scraping
  • Tick icon #2 Integrates with current Investor Relations software stack
  • Tick icon #2 White labelled investor portals available on request
ESG graphic

Dasseti Collect for ESG

Custom Pricing

  • Tick icon #2 Questionnaire builder
  • Tick icon #2 Portfolio company CRM
  • Tick icon #2 Edit and use industry standard ESG and DEI DDQs
  • Tick icon #2 Automatic flagging and tagging
  • Tick icon #2 Industry specific benchmarks
  • Tick icon #2 Customizable weighted scoring
  • Tick icon #2 Create your own data driven ratings system
  • Tick icon #2 Group funds or port cos together for easier reporting to LPs
  • Tick icon #2 Qualitative data collection made easy
  • Tick icon #2 Fund level auditing
  • Tick icon #2 Turnkey reporting
  • Tick icon #2 One-to-one data collection
  • Tick icon #2 Your data, your way