Organize and analyze your investment portfolio data

A digital platform that streamlines GP due diligence, de-risks the investment portfolio and ensures compliance with a full audit trail

Diligend Collect

Reduce the risk of investing in private markets

Speed up time to collect the data you need to assess and compare GPs and funds. Minimize investment risks and stay compliant. 

Email Integration

Seamless integration with Outlook allows you to search, manage and organize emails and attachments effortlessly.

Document Scraping

Ingest and use the data from any document, in any format. Remove the need for manual data input with Natural Language Processing.

ESG Dashboards

Collect and analyze ESG and diversity data separately in custom portals. See the data that matters to you, sliced or diced across funds, asset classes or GPs.

Data Room Integration

Automate data collection from GP data rooms to manage and analyze it in the Dasseti platform.

Questionnaire Engine

Create questionnaires from scratch, use best practice templates or ingest pre-filled responses. Simple, intuitive and customizable.

Fund and GP Data Tracking

Set up pre-defined flags and alerts to track risks within funds or GPs.

Workflows and Collaboration Tools

Fully customizable to match your own processes. Allocate tasks, track activities and progress. And see a full audit trail.

Review and Risk Management

Review only the data you want to see in the fully customizable review module.

Automated Scoring and Comparison

Review your portfolio at a glance, with customizable, automated scoring and comparison features.

Analytics and Reporting

Fully customized, automatic report creation in any format. Linked directly to your CRM or database.

GP Portal

The GP portal is user friendly and intuitive. GPs can pre-fill from previous answers or drag and drop where required.

CRM and Document Management

Outlook and SharePoint integrations let you track contacts, emails and shared documents. Enrich your data.


One platform, many use cases

  • GP Monitoring

  • Data Aggregation

  • Document Management

  • Email Storage

  • Meeting Oversight

  • ESG and DEI Data Collection

Gain complete and continual visibility into your portfolio of GPs

Regular, consistent monitoring of GPs is essential for institutional limited partners.

Dasseti de-risks the investment process by making it easier than ever to open regular dialogue with your GPs. Dasseti provides a frictionless, intuitive portal for GPs to provide the information you need on a regular basis.

Seamlessly import documents from data rooms using robust APIs

Dasseti works in harmony with standard workflows and practices in private markets. Robust, secure APIs allow integration with data rooms, allowing you to ingest documents from data rooms to view and analyze in the Dasseti Collect platform, alongside qualitative data from other sources.

Identify gaps, centralize and standardize your research documents

Empower your portfolio managers and analysts with highly organized research documentation. Bring order and efficiency with a digital solution that flexes to fit your specific workflows.

Store and search emails with ease

Capitalize on the rich data stored in emails by tagging certain words, names or phrases and automatically copying to GP or fund files.

Maintain oversight of board and advisory meetings

Schedule meetings, pull board reports together with a few clicks and visualize investment data using custom charts and graphs.


Visualize your portfolio's ESG and diversity position

ESG and Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity issues are at the top of the agenda for citizens and regulators. Collect any GP data point and gain visibility into portfolio companies using the Dasseti questionnaire builder, displayed in a custom dashboard. Or use industry standard templates like the ILPA DDQ which includes diversity metrics from the PRI. 


Dasseti Collect

Limited Partners (LPs)

Streamline the data collection and analysis process. Enhance relationships with your GPs.

  • Icons (2) Data Room Integration
  • Icons (2) Fund and GP Tracking
  • Icons (2) Workflow and Collaboration Tools
  • Icons (2) Review and Risk Management
  • Icons (2) Automated Scoring and Comparison
  • Icons (2) Analytics and Reporting
  • Icons (2) CRM
  • Icons (2) Research and Document Management
  • Icons (1) Automatic Email Flagging
  • Icons (1) ESG and DEI Data Collection
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Dasseti +

Private Market Investment Consultants

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  • Every feature in Dasseti Collect, plus
  • Icons (2) Dedicated Client Portal
  • Icons (2) Private Cloud Hosting
  • Icons (2) White labelling
  • Icons (2) Advanced Custom Reporting Options

De-risking private market investments