Maintain all your Fund and Manager Data in One Place


Meet your data management challenges

Data Overload-2

Too many manager documents

How do you extract the information you need from a proliferation of documents?

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Security concerns over sensitive data

Your sensitive data may be vulnerable to loss or breach, whether intentional or accidental.

Time consuming-1

Time spent searching for information

Data management inefficiencies cost time and money.

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Inflexible view of data

It can be difficult to create the specific data view you need.


Find out how Dasseti COLLECT can transform your fund and manager research and document management processes

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Need clarification?

How does Dasseti differ from off the shelf document management tools?

Dasseti has been built by investment professionals, for investment professionals. The platform allows users to maintain a rich data set for funds spanning different asset classes and managers.

Choose the data points you want to see and create a unique, customized view.

Does Dasseti include CRM capabilities?

Yes, Dasseti has in-built CRM capabilities.

Is Dasseti a proprietary platform?

Yes. Dasseti is built and maintained by our own engineering team. This gives us great flexibility when adding features or functionality our clients need.

We use an agile development methodology to speed up the time it takes to release new capabilities.

How do users access Dasseti?

Dasseti is a cloud-based software app that can be accessed via any web browser.

There is also a user friendly mobile app.

Transform your research and document management processes