Digitize your ODD process

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Address traditional due diligence challenges with Dasseti's award-winning digital due diligence platform

Data Overload-1

Data overload

With a lot of data coming into the ODD team in different formats and from different sources, it can be hard to keep track.

Missing info

Missing information

Without flagging and alerts, data collection may be incomplete or formatted incorrectly. Important disclosures could be missed.

Time consuming

Time consuming

The DDQ process can be lengthy and complex, multiplied as the number of managers increases.

Data error

Data accuracy issues

Manual data collection processes may not be as accurate as required.

Audit trail

Maintaining an audit trail

With manual processes, it can be difficult to maintain a clear audit trail that may be needed in the event of a review or investigation.

Key person risk

Key person risk

Over time, ODD processes become heavily dependent on specific individuals in the ODD team, which poses a risk of key person dependency.


Complex portfolios

As allocator portfolios become more complex, it becomes harder to initially review and continually monitor managers at an ever increasing pace.

Repetitive Tasks-1

Repetitive tasks

Regular ODD exercises can be repetitive and tedious, with ODD teams scouring and comparing documents for changes.

Why digitize your ODD process?

  • Reduce risk

  • Improve manager relations

  • Drive productivity gains

  • Elevate the ODD team

Reduce the risk of human error

People are an organization’s biggest asset, but also, its greatest risk. Automation removes or significantly reduces the human element from data collection and classification tasks and reduces the risk posed by human error.

Communicate and collaborate better with managers

Allocators and fund managers are both working towards a similar goal; to achieve a frictionless exchange of critical data that will allow the relationship to prosper. By digitizing the process and providing user friendly platforms that make it easy to request and provide data, allocators will foster greater collaboration with the fund manager ecosystem.

Boost productivity by 5x

ODD teams report improvements of around 5x in productivity levels following the move to a digitized ODD process. An entire quarter’s worth of work can be reduced to 3 weeks. The efficiencies gained by requesting, gathering, flagging and analysing data automatically and at scale, allow ODD teams to focus on other more meaningful tasks.

Take the ODD team from reactive to proactive

Go from reactive to proactive by quickly digitizing best practice templates as soon they are released. When both qualitative and quantitative information is turned into digital data, analytics can be used to find patterns and create benchmarks.


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