SimCorp and Dasseti partner to deliver efficient and digital due diligence and monitoring operations

Dasseti has partnered with SimCorp to deliver efficient due diligence and monitoring operations to clients

SimCorp, an independent provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) investment management solutions, and Dasseti, creators of award-winning software transforming the due diligence process, announce their collaboration to empower clients to further digitize their operational processes.
The combination of Dasseti with SimCorp's integrated front-to-back investment management platform, SimCorp Dimension, will enable SimCorp clients to turn due diligence activities from a compulsory activity to a powerful operational process, enabling them to identify and manage risks in the investment process with qualitative data gathering and analysis before, during and after making an allocation.

Dasseti offers two solutions: Dasseti Collect for Assets Owners or Allocators who are conducting due diligence or collecting and aggregating ESG metrics, and Dasseti Respond for Asset Managers and GPs responding to due diligence requests.

Hugues Chabanis, Head of Strategic Initiatives at SimCorp comments:

“Automation is a key trend in the financial industry and at SimCorp, we have spent decades streamlining and digitalizing business workflows for our clients. Over the past year of working with Dasseti and our joint clients; we have already identified numerous synergies that complement our various public and private market solutions. Ultimately, the strong pairing of SimCorp’s and Dasseti's expertise areas will enable our clients to rely less and less on manual work for their data management operations, and focus more on their core value-adding tasks: utilising and leveraging data insights.


Guillaume Rondy, Head of Data and Client Communications at SimCorp adds: 

“SimCorp has long acted as a pioneer in the data management space by leveraging innovative technologies to build automated SaaS offerings. Tapping into unstructured data and leveraging machine learning technologies is a key next step in our innovation journey. In partnering with Dasseti, we can now digitise yet another manual client-specific data collection process with an easy-to-use solution. This partnership helps position us as the leading data management service covering all financial data management activities.”


Wissem Souissi, CEO and founder at Dasseti confirms: 

"SimCorp is the ideal partner for us with their alternative investments solution widely used at many of the largest global financial institutions. Working together, SimCorp and Dasseti can deliver a tailored experience for joint clients to make the most of emerging opportunities and identify then manage risks efficiently throughout.


The collaboration with Dasseti forms part of SimCorp's dedicated program to build a vibrant ecosystem of fintech partnerships, created to deliver SimCorp clients seamless access to fintech innovation across the entire value chain. Mutual clients will benefit from this new partnership as the operational solution enables them to conveniently and efficiently handle their ongoing due diligence needs, bringing faster time-to-value for the business and their clients without also taking on an IT integration project. 


About SimCorp

SimCorp offers industry-leading, front-to-back investment management solutions.

Our platform and ecosystem, comprising partners, services, and third-party connectivity empowers us to provide 40% of the world's top 100 financial companies with the efficiency and flexibility needed to succeed.

With over 25 offices around the world, and 2,000 employees, we are a truly global, collaborative team that connects every continent and industry seamlessly.

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About Dasseti 

Dasseti is transforming the investment management due diligence process with a digital platform that facilitates due diligence at scale.

Dasseti has been designed specifically for the investment management sector to automate the collection, provision, analysis and reporting of due diligence and monitoring data. The company counts many of the world’s largest asset owners amongst its clients, with a combined $19 Trillion AUM and over 5,000 monthly users. To find out more visit

Dasseti was founded with a vision to transform the way institutional investors utilize qualitative information and uses natural language processing, AI and advanced automation to gain greater insights into managers and funds.


Media contact:

SimCorp: SimCorp: Tobias Brun-Falkencrone, Head of Communications: +45 29 38 13 84,

Dasseti: Fiona Sherwood, Chief Marketing Officer, Email:

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