Multi-award winning South African investment consultant digitizes asset manager due diligence and monitoring with Dasseti

Selekane Asset Consultants, a South African provider of investment consulting services to institutional funds, is digitizing asset manager due diligence and monitoring using Dasseti Collect for Consultants.

Selekane Asset Consultants has been established in South Africa for over 15 years, offering high quality, independent consulting services to institutional investors including retirement funds, private corporations, and financial institutions.

Widely recognized as a key player in the South African pension funds market, Selekane has executed strategies for a range of funds across the investment spectrum and has selected Dasseti collect for Consultants to help achieve its digital transformation ambitions. Selekane collects large amounts of information from African and global fund managers, both qualitative and quantitative data. This includes due diligence and ongoing manager monitoring, investment data and detailed diversity data.

The Selekane team can use Dasseti Collect for Consultants to communicate with counterparties, collect information and carry out reviews and analysis. Dasseti Collect for Consultants will become the single data repository or “golden source” of data. The team can follow a more informed decision-making process with full traceability and transparency.

Dasseti Collect for Consultants is a highly customizable platform that has been designed to meet the varied needs of institutions like Selekane and in turn, its clients.

Chief executive officer of Selekane, Mxolisi Mbekwa says,

“We’re very happy with the way Dasseti solution is structured and has been tailored to the needs of institutional consultants. We will be using it for all our manager assessments, progress reports and to streamline reporting and tracking data for our clients. We anticipate it being an integral part of our business and will be keeping everything in one place, including all our notes, tasks and meeting minutes alongside the assessment and monitoring data.”


Wissem Souissi, chief executive officer of Dasseti says,

“We’re really excited to have Selekane Asset Consultants on board as our first client in South Africa. Our two firms are working well together already, and we really value this partnership with such a forward-thinking firm with a strong ethos and values. We’re excited to be part of their continued success.”


About Selekane Asset Consultants

Selekane Asset Consultants is a multiple-award winner and reputable independent provider of investment consulting services to institutional funds.
Selekane’s core expertise is investment policy and strategy formulation, portfolio construction, risk management, asset manager due diligence, selection, and monitoring in both public and private markets.

Selekane recognises that technology is a critical enabler for business transformation in an increasingly complex and fast-changing market environment.

“Our use of modern technology enhances our data management and processing capability, allowing us to analyse trends, gather investment insights, and deliver advice much faster, smarter, and more efficiently,”

said Mbekwa.

Selekane’s strength lies in the ability to respond to change and adapt systems to market demands and needs of clients.

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