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PE Wire US Awards 2023 Shortlisted

The Private Equity Wire US Awards for 2023 are fast approaching and the team at Dasseti was blown away to be shortlisted in a number of categories.

Private Equity Wire is fast becoming an important media outlet for the private equity sector in Europe and North America.

The Global Fund Media group holds a number of annual awards for both regions, with the flagship awards being the Private Equity Wire US Awards. 

Dasseti is honored to be shortlisted in five categories, showcasing the breadth of its solutions and reflecting the varied use cases. As these are publicly voted awards, the team would be grateful if our clients, partners and colleagues could take a few minutes to vote for Dasseti in the following categories:

#23 Best ESG Solution Provider

We are delighted to appear in this category again, having won the same award in the PE Wire European awards earlier in 2023. The development team has been working hard to build useful, flexible ESG dashboards to assist clients with their disclosure and reporting requirements, particularly as SFDR deadlines loom.

#37 Best New Solution Provider for ESG Collect

This award for the best new solution would be a great win for Dasseti, as Dasseti ESG Collect is a fairly new solution that has gathered momentum through late 2022 and 2023.

#38 Best ODD Solution

Operational Due Diligence is at the core of our software. It's one of the main use cases for the Collect platform, and remains one of our key investment areas for enhancements and continual development work. Many institutional investor clients and consultants have digitized their ODD processes using Dasseti Collect, so it is amazing to be recognized in this category.

#45 Best Regulatory and Compliance Technology

As regulations continue to tighten around the private equity sector, we are all waiting with bated breath for the SEC to vote today on the landmark proposals for private funds. Whatever the outcome, scrutiny and transparency of private funds is increasing and due diligence will be critical in providing transparency and proof of sound decision making. Dasseti provides regulation-grade solutions for both investors and managers with full audit trails of data shared back and forth, so compliance teams can rest easy knowing they are covered. 

Dasseti won the award for Best Regulatory ad Compliance Technology at the US Emerging Manager Awards earlier in 2023, so it's great to be recognized in the flagship awards in the same category.

#49 Best Start Up Solution

Wow, this is new and exciting to be shortlisted here. We know that software for start ups needs to be really hard working and fulfil multiple briefs, and believe all our platforms, Dasseti Collect, Engage and ESG, can fit the bill. Each platform combines multiple features to address the data challenges facing each team. Startups can use our CRM, document management, team collaboration, file storage and advanced analytics alongside the DDQ capabilities. We're really excited to be nominated in this category.

If you'd like to vote for us in the categories listed, it will take a few minutes and you don't need to vote in every other category.

Vote here 

Voting closes on 1st September 2023.

Thanks for your vote!

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