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KBI Global Investors automates DDQ and RFP responses with Dasseti

Dasseti has been selected by KBI Global Investors to centralize and automate responses to investor and third-party data requests.

KBI Global Investors, a global investment firm with 13.5bn Euro AUM and a focus on long term responsible investing, selected Dasseti Respond to streamline its DDQ and RFP responses and drive efficiencies across their business operations.

Dasseti Respond is a digital due diligence platform that has been designed specifically for the investment management sector, enabling asset managers, hedge fund managers and private equity GPs to significantly speed up the DDQ response process and improve the quality of content provided.

Wissem Souissi, CEO of Dasseti says

“We’re delighted to partner with KBI Global Investors. When designing Dasseti Respond, we were aware from the beginning that many teams could benefit from the technology, in addition to Investor Relations. With KBI adopting the platform across their operations to drive efficiency, we’re very excited to see what can be achieved”


Padraig Sheehy, Senior Vice President Business Development & Client Services at KBI Global Investors says,

“From our initial interaction with the Dasseti Team and their willingness to work with us, challenge us and take on board our ideas, we knew we had the foundations of a great partnership that had the potential to radically change how we manage and process RFP's, DDQ's and Compliance questionnaires.”


About Dasseti 

Dasseti is transforming the due diligence process for the investment sector with a digital platform that facilitates due diligence at scale.

Dasseti has been designed specifically for the investment management sector to automate the collection, provision, analysis and reporting of due diligence and monitoring data.

Dasseti was founded with a vision to transform the way institutional investors utilize qualitative information but recognized a need for a solution to assist managers and GPs in responding to DDQs and RFPs from investors. The result is Dasseti Respond, which uses automation and Natural Language Processing to speed up response time and improve the accuracy of responses.

Press Contact: Fiona Sherwood, Chief Marketing Officer, 

About KBI Global Investors

KBI Global Investors Ltd. is an Irish domiciled and incorporated institutional asset manager and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. KBI Global Investors is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with a sales office in Boston. KBI Global Investors has a global client base with mandates in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

Press Contact: Mabel Ward, VP Client Services, 

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