Dasseti digitizes the ICI Subadviser Oversight DDQ

Dasseti has digitized the Investment Company Institute's Subadviser Oversight DDQ.

Dasseti has digitized the Investment Company Institute’s Subadviser Oversight DDQ to allow clients to find it and share it more easily.

The ICI DDQ published January 2023 is the most comprehensive document in the industry for reviewing the suitability of subadvisers providing services to advisers in the US. 

The DDQ supports advisers in meeting the requirements of the SEC's Rule 206(4)-7 under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (“Advisers Act”) which require an investment adviser to document in writing the annual review of the adequacy of the adviser's policies and procedures and the effectiveness of their implementation. 

The DDQ will be invaluable for advisers using the services of subadvisers and will also provide subadvisers a strong basis to prepare the information they will be asked to provide on an annual basis.

Consultants offering subadvisery oversight services will also find the DDQ invaluable and can use the Dasseti for Consultants platform to distribute the questionnaire and create custom reports based on the results.

The DDQ requires subadvisers to provide documentation and answer a lengthy set of questions about the firm and staff through to detailed sections covering vendor oversight, compliance procedures, operational systems, transactions, trading systems, costs, liquidity, valuations, fees, information security, and conduct rules.

Dasseti clients can access the DDQ via the library, create copies and make the necessary changes to meet their specific requirements. They can populate the questionnaire with information already held on the subadviser and ask for verification, or make any other necessary changes before sharing via the platform.

Take a look at the ICI Subadviser Oversight DDQ in its original format or, if you are a Dasseti client, view it in the library in the Dasseti app.

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