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Understanding the ESG and DEI credentials of your portfolio companies

ESG and DEI data in the private equity sector is difficult to obtain but highly in demand. LPs and regulators are requesting data on underlying portfolio companies, but GPs can struggle to collect and organize this effectively.

There is no denying that ESG is the topic of the day for the investment sector. ESG data is in abundance, with more than 140 ESG data providers and ratings agencies, where interested institutional investors and fund managers can buy intelligence to help them aid decision making.

There are multiple frameworks, standards boards, action groups, regulations and collaborations that aim to tackle the disparities in data across the investment sector. But what's very hard to find is accurate and comparable ESG data on private companies. This makes it almost impossible for private equity LPs to get a clear view on how their investments' underlying portfolios measure up.

Some GPs have started to collect and publish their own data, with some covering climate change, emissions, carbon footprint, diversity and inclusion statistics and ambitions. As LPs and regulators alike start to request more data on private market portfolios, GPs need a secure way of collecting, aggregating and sharing that data.

Dasseti Collect allows GPs to create custom DDQs that can be shared with portfolio companies via a secure portal link. The response portal is simple to use and has a typically high response rate. When responses come back, the results can be aggregated and organized into timelines, charts, graphs and custom reports. These can be shared securely and privately with named LPs or used to inform public reports as required. 

In a landscape where information is scarce, but demand for information is high, GPs and managers that can provide granular data on underlying private portfolio companies will be hotly in demand,

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