Dasseti launches a new, free to use SEC Form ADV data module

Dasseti launches a new, free to use SEC Form ADV data module

Dasseti launches a new, free to use SEC Form ADV data module

September 9, 2021, New York – Dasseti, the leading fund due diligence and monitoring software, announces the launch of their new and free to use Form ADV data module.

ADV data plays an instrumental role in helping investors make investment decisions during the selection of fund managers or when monitoring their existing portfolio. The data covers important information such as assets under management (AUM) breakdown, ownership, clients, employees, business practices, affiliations, and any disciplinary events of the adviser or its employees.

The Dasseti Form ADV data module is a complimentary service enabling investors and consultants to review and monitor the Form ADV information and changes of any investment advisor registered with the SEC.

Key features of the module include:

  • Access to a daily updated database of over 19,000 registered investment management firms with ADV reported data points.
  • Follow managers and receive tailored automated notifications by email when there is a new or updated ADV filing, or whenever a material change occurs.
  • Receive notifications when there are changes to key data points specified by each user.
  • Easily spot data changes between filings.
  • No restrictions as to the scope or volume of data presented or extracted.
  • No restrictions as to the number of managers followed.
  • Integrate SEC data with additional data collected through Dasseti or 3rd party partners within unique fund profiles.
  • Include SEC data within custom/proprietary due diligence reports.

Wissem Souissi, Dasseti's Chief Executive Officer commented “For due diligence professionals, ADV data is a treasure trove. We understand the importance it plays, and we are happy to offer it for free to our clients.  At Dasseti, we also recognize that Form ADV is just one part of the whole due diligence process. Only with a holistic specialized solution can investors leverage Form ADV and all other facets of the due diligence process. Dasseti enables clients to automate the entire due diligence and monitoring process for investors and financial consultants. “

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