Dasseti digitizes ILPA’s new DD questionnaire

Dasseti has digitized the new ILPA due diligence questionnaire, enabling LPs to gather and evaluate ESG and diversity and inclusion data more easily.

LPs can meet DEI and ESG reporting requirements more easily with ILPA’s new due diligence questionnaire, digitized by Dasseti


New York, 16th November 2021 – Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) and UN Principles for Responsible investment (PRI) have collaborated on two new templates.

Dasseti clients can now access and easily roll out the new ILPA template documents: the due diligence questionnaire 2.0 and the diversity metrics template, when using the digital due diligence platform. With this digitized version of the questionnaire, they can gather information faster, flag answers automatically and identify risks with ease.

Following collaboration, once again between ILPA and the PRI, the ESG section of ILPA’s new DDQ, version 2.0, is entirely based on the PRI’s LP private equity responsible investment due diligence questionnaire. The template changes come after feedback from market participants and evolving market conditions, particularly around diversity, equality and inclusion. The comprehensive new DDQ template includes sections on succession planning, co-investments, GP-led secondaries, credit facilities, technology and cybersecurity with new questions around HR, values, goals, culture, recruitment, remote working, governance and many more.

Wissem Souissi, CEO and Founder of Dasseti says, “As part of our ongoing commitment to clients, we ensure that the very latest templates and best practice DDQ examples are available to our clients. We have been waiting with anticipation for ILPA’s new templates and added these to the platform as soon as they became available. The new ILPA templates will allow our clients to ask the right questions and gather standardised information to help meet their ESG decision-making goals.”

Liron Mandelbaum, Dasseti's COO agrees, “The new diversity metrics template makes it much easier for LPs to gather information about race, gender, special status and disability at the GP and portfolio company level. Our clients are using customized dashboards to track this data historically for trends and create benchmarks for each asset class they invest in. “

“We are thrilled to have an updated ILPA DDQ 2.0 and Diversity Metrics Template out in the industry; the modernization of the resources is designed to have a meaningful impact on decision making for LPs during diligence in today’s markets.” noted Neal Prunier ILPA Director of Standards and Best Practices. “We are also delighted that technology providers like Dasseti are taking steps to adopt the ILPA DDQ and the Diversity Metrics Template into their platform to further smooth diligence and provide efficiencies that will benefit LPs and GPs alike.”

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