Dasseti clients can now leverage tech for enhanced background checks

Dasseti has partnered with Intelligo, a leading provider of background intelligence solutions, allowing joint clients to perform deeper due diligence checks on executive teams.

Dasseti's asset allocator clients perform operational due diligence or investment due diligence on managers or funds.

Dasseti clients can further enhance their due diligence with Clarity from Intelligo. Clarity is a background intelligence solution that combines AI powered technology with human insight to establish and maintain trust in individuals and firms that are managing assets on their behalf.

Dasseti's asset manager, investment advisor, private equity and hedge fund clients can also leverage Clarity to perform background checks on potential investment targets, or to monitor risks in equity portfolios.

Liron Mandelbaum, COO of Dasseti says

“By partnering with Intelligo, our clients can add Clarity to their due diligence toolset and easily monitor or investigate key individuals and company profiles. Clarity can be used before an investment is made and throughout the investment lifecycle to alert on events or circumstances that could indicate heightened risk. It complements our due diligence platforms perfectly.”

Intelligo Founder & CEO, Shlomo Mirvis says

“Clarity and Dasseti work hand in hand to ensure that all aspects of due diligence are covered. Joint clients can rest assured that they are well prepared to make an investment, and that any unforeseen circumstances will be identified and can be dealt with swiftly. Intelligo analyzes millions of data points from thousands of global sources, highlighting risks that manual due diligence might not flag.”

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