Dasseti and Nasdaq eVestment Align to Automate the Due Diligence Process

Dasseti partners with Nasdaq eVestment to to digitize and streamline operational and investment manager due diligence services

Dasseti and Nasdaq eVestment Align to Automate the Due Diligence Process

July 6, 2021, New York – Dasseti, a cloud-based due diligence software provider built for asset allocators, and Nasdaq eVestment, a global leader in institutional investment data and analytics, announced today an agreement under which Nasdaq eVestment data will be available through the Dasseti platform.

Dasseti offers a flexible, secure, one-to-one data exchange platform that automates the various tasks and data requests institutional investors and consultants frequently make of asset managers. The platform enables one-to-one, periodic and ad-hoc data collection efforts which can be difficult to manage as the information is often tied to individual, static documents. Dasseti's tools transform this process by providing a fully custom, digitized and automated due diligence questionnaire tool combined with a full featured workflow and analytics platform. The platform makes requesting data, distributing data requests and follow up reminders easy to manage, while also automatically flagging answers, tracking changes, and aggregating data for benchmarking.

This agreement will allow clients of both Nasdaq eVestment and Dasseti to complete more of their due diligence process via one technology platform. The data and technology tools that will facilitate this data sharing and due diligence effort between Nasdaq eVestment and Dasseti are set to launch in the coming months.

“Collecting and analyzing Manager data and documents can be challenging and cumbersome for investors,” said Wissem Souissi, Dasseti founder and CEO. “The difficulty in managing the questionnaire distribution process and performing sufficient ongoing due diligence with limited resources limits the level of oversight and increases the operational risk for investors. Dasseti solves this through data centralization and process automation. By aligning with Nasdaq eVestment, we’ve made the entire due diligence process more efficient and scalable.”

“Eliminating unnecessary work, risk and complexity in the due diligence process provides opportunities for better engagement between investors and asset managers and ultimately better results for the work both are doing,” said Nasdaq eVestment Head of Strategic Partnerships Lisa Terwilliger, “We are excited to add Dasseti to our network of technology providers for our joint clients.”

For more information about this agreement or to request a demo, please contact us.


About Dasseti

Dasseti is a web-based software dedicated to the due diligence and monitoring of asset managers enabling the structure and centralization of data in an automatic manner.  Offering a holistic combination of flexible and powerful features: Digitized Due Diligence Questionnaires Engine (including industry standard templates like ILPA, AIMA, UNPRI, AITEC), automatic flexible responses flagging, comparison and scoring, research management, fund review management, CRM, workflows, external managers portal and analytics.

About Nasdaq eVestment

Nasdaq eVestment provides institutional investment data, analytics and market intelligence covering public and private markets. Asset managers and general partners reach the institutional marketplace through our platform, while institutional investors and consultants rely on Nasdaq eVestment for manager due diligence, selection and monitoring. 

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