Deloitte partners with Dasseti

Deloitte partners with Dasseti to digitize and streamline operational and investment manager due diligence services

Deloitte partners with Dasseti 

Dasseti, a leading investment management software provider that brings the power of technology to institutional investors and consultants, today announced it has added Deloitte Consulting as a client.

Deloitte will use Dasseti's solution to digitize and streamline their processes, which include Operational Due Diligence (ODD) on investment managers and service provider RFPs and client surveys. The tool will be further used to enhance benchmarking and reporting functionality.

“As we look to provide the best service to our clients, we have been observing the evolution of technologies in this segment for a while. We found that Dasseti was the best fit to our needs and their team aligned to our long-term objectives” commented Mark Archer, Director, Investment and Wealth Advisory, Deloitte Consulting.

Dasseti specializes in the collection and in-depth analysis of qualitative and quantitative fund manager data. From initial onboarding to ongoing monitoring, for ODD, manager research, ESG and compliance teams. The technology allows users to efficiently collect, digitize, score and produce IDD and ODD reports on important investment and operational tenets.

“We are glad to have one of the Big Four as a client. This is a prestigious confirmation about how our technology is unique and suited to the needs of top consulting firms. We are looking forward to a fruitful and long-term collaboration with Deloitte Consulting. Our growth in clients over the past few months shows the expanding demand for digitizing and enhancing traditional procedures”.

“We believe any institutional investor or consultant can effectively transform their due diligence and monitoring processes by deploying our specialized technology” Wissem Souissi, Founder & CEO at Dasseti commented.

Deloitte joins a growing client roster list for Dasseti and continues to prove the value of employing a full suite of due diligence, research, collaboration and reporting tools.

Dasseti continues to deliver an effective due diligence and monitoring solution to a growing number of clients in a wide variety of regions. The software is continuously updated and enhanced in response to each clients’ needs. Dasseti's approach enables all organizations to use the power of technology to make substantial gains in the efficiency and accountability of their due diligence process, both in the hiring and monitoring of third-party funds and firms.


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