Dasseti joins ESG Data Convergence Initiative as an ESG Data Partner

Dasseti joins the ESG Data Convergence Initiative as an ESG Data Partner

Dasseti has become one of the very first ESG Data Partners under the ESG Data Convergence Initiative.

The ESG Data Convergence Initiative is the private equity sector's leading ESG data standards group, with over 350 members from the global GP and LP community. The combined membership oversees more than $28 trillion AUM.

In its own words, the EDCI has been formed to "drive meaningful environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics for the private equity industry." and to "generate useful, performance based, comparable ESG data."

Dasseti is partnering with the EDCI to enable the initiative benchmark to be viewed directly within our platform, this consolidated view will be invaluable to our LP and GP clients. Sustainability and Impact Teams using Dasseti will be able to spend more time on high-value tasks. Our platform seamlessly integrates with clients' existing workflows to help them work towards a more sustainable future in private markets.

Read more about the EDCI's Data Partners on the EDCI website

Dasseti's Head of Product Innovation, Billy Cotter said,

"Dasseti has passed the EDCI’s rigorous data security protocols to become an ESG Data Partner, which is a great endorsement from this industry-leading initiative. We're absolutely delighted to join the group to help broaden the adoption of a standard set of metrics across the investment sector."

Book a meeting with Tim Mapley to find out more about the latest EDCI metrics. You can also see a demo of the Dasseti ESG Collect platform and understand how it could assist your firm with ESG benchmarking, progress measurement and disclosure requirements.



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