Dasseti ENGAGE Selected by Bennelong Funds Management to Streamline RFP and DDQ Responses

Bennelong Funds Management, the Australian asset manager, will use the investment sector software to rapidly deliver consistent, high-quality data to investors.

Sydney, Australia - Dasseti, the global investment management software vendor is pleased to announce a client vendor relationship with Bennelong Funds Management, an asset manager in Australia. 

Bennelong Funds Management will be using Dasseti ENGAGE, software designed specifically for asset manager and private equity investor relations and RFP teams. Dasseti ENGAGE allows the team at Bennelong to improve the distribution of investor information and speed up responses to client and consultant requests, RFPs or DDQs. 

Dasseti ENGAGE uses AI and automation to help teams to achieve more, working more efficiently and effectively without increasing headcount. 

“Meeting investor demands for data and responding to RFPs and DDQs is time-consuming and laborious, and often results in missed opportunities or team burnout. The team at Bennelong respond to data requests directly and on behalf of the boutique managers they invest in, so they have an even greater workload.”

said Wissem Souissi, CEO and Founder of Dasseti.

“Dasseti ENGAGE will be a valuable tool for the team at Bennelong Funds Management investor relations teams, and it will give them the capacity to manage increasing requests for data”

said Souissi.

"In today's ever-changing investment landscape, the ability to swiftly respond to investor inquiries while maintaining quality and consistency is paramount. Partnering with Dasseti and leveraging their ENGAGE platform will empower us to efficiently manage the growing demand for qualitative and quantitative data without compromising on our commitment to excellence. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with our dedication to enhancing our clients experience and streamlining operations, ensuring that we remain agile and responsive in meeting the needs of our clients and consultants."

said Brian Ó Marnáin, Head of Investment Operations at Bennelong Funds Management.

Dasseti ENGAGE enables teams to rapidly respond to investor requests as they come in without compromising quality and consistency. The platform uses AI powered Smart Search to find best-fit responses for new RFPs and DDQs based on Bennelong’s firm rubric and previous answers. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint plugins make it easy to respond to requests, collaborate with team members and populate client files and records with supporting material. 

Bennelong joins a growing community of firms in the APAC region, that includes superannuation funds, asset managers and investment consultants, who are using the Dasseti ecosystem to improve the exchange of data throughout the investment lifecycle.

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