Dasseti named in AIFinTech100 for 2023

Dasseti is included in the third annual AIFinTech100, which reveals the top FinTech companies leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

Dasseti has been named in the AIFinTech100 list for 2023. 

The third annual AIFinTech100 reveals the top FinTech companies leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise financial services

FinTech Global, a specialist research platform for all things FinTech, has launched the latest edition of the AiFinTech100 list. This ranking highlights the world’s more innovative companies who are developing AI and machine learning technologies to solve challenges or improve efficiency in financial services.

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, AI has been a major talking point. AI has captured the imagination of everyone, with financial institutions now exploring how they can incorporate it to transform their operations. A recent survey from The Economist found that 85% of banks have a clear strategy for adopting AI in the development of new products and services. One of the biggest draws to the technology is cost savings. A report from Insider Intelligence claimed North American banks have a combined potential cost saving of $447bn for 2023.

The huge market opportunity for AI has created a hotbed of tech providers building AI or data solutions to solve challenges in areas such as banking, insurance, customer experience, investment & trading and compliance. As a result, the selection process for this year’s AIFinTech100 list was exceptionally competitive. Finalists were chosen by a panel of industry experts and analysts based on research produced by FinTech Global on over 2,000 FinTech companies.

FinTech Global director Richard Sachar said,

“Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have shown how advanced AI technology has become. Financial institutions will need to explore how they can leverage the latest AI and data analytics technology, or they risk being left behind by competition. The new AIFinTech100 list gives senior decision-makers the knowledge of the best vendors in the market and those leading the charge on innovation.”

Wissem Souissi, CEO and Founder of Dasseti said,

"We have utilized some of the latest technology for our clients, embedding it as part of our proprietary software platform. It's great to be named as part of the AIFinTech100 as we are committed to making our software the best it can possibly be. As with the rest of the FinTech market, we continually evaluate the latest AI to see if it can further improve our software solutions. If we can make our clients' lives easier, whilst still maintaining our scrupulous security standards, then we will consider including it in our platform."

A full list of the AIFinTech100 and detailed information about each company is available to download for free at 

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