Three ways wealth managers and private banks can assess more funds, more quickly — without additional costs and resources

Custom, time-saving digital questionnaires on an efficient, centralized platform can replace manual, error-prone Q&A procedures

Three ways wealth managers and private banks can assess more funds, more quickly — without additional costs and resources

Wealth managers and private banks work tirelessly to propose the best funds for their clients. This requires constant evaluation and assessment of funds’ risks and returns, to suit clients’ appetites and best interests.

But the current fund selection and monitoring process is complex and involves countless components.

Traditionally, the process has been a particularly onerous one, especially if managers lack a cutting-edge technology infrastructure to stand out and transform the fund evaluation and assessment process, or an unlimited budget and time to adopt and test multiple software.

Today, a single robust software and technology can solve these pain points. With Dasseti, a fund data collection and analysis software provider, private bankers and wealth managers can simplify and enrich the processes of shortlisting funds and creating a buy list.

Here’s how.

Scale with digitization and automation

Fund selectors recognize the challenges in conducting qualitative analysis. No doubt, it is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Many opt to use numerous quantitative selection criteria, for example, AUM for the firm and the fund, or a minimum track record of x number of years. But this increases risk because it overlooks vital elements, such as calls, due diligence questionnaires (DDQs), and RFPs.

On the flip side, managers may opt to limit the number of funds assessed or monitored (the outcome of circumventing practices), but this results in firms overlooking lucrative and long-term opportunities, which can result in reduced investor confidence over the long term.

With Dasseti, users can more efficiently scale and optimize their selection process through automation and digitization technology. The platform  does this by providing the ability to consolidate assessments, research notes, add important documents, and centralize all the information in one unified location, freeing up time and streamlining efforts otherwise spent on unnecessary manual and mental labor.

Monitor effectively and with continuous supervision

Traditionally, fund selectors who simply lack bandwidth send DDQs only quarterly, or avoided doing more frequent manager reviews, choosing to perform them only on an annual basis.

This presents a problem because persistent diligence is required to ensure there are no nasty surprises and compromises the predictability in the returns.

Dasseti leverages technology that is focused on effectively monitoring diligence protocols. With the end user in mind, the features can be customized to meet each preference and interest.

Centralize data for swift and streamlined processes

Fund selection and monitoring processes involve many moving parts and simultaneous elements, all of which must take place while collaborating internally and interacting with managers or clients.

Dasseti technology improves collaboration among team members and provides real-time visibility on timelines and workflows.

This enables faster analysis, the generation of customizable real-time reports, and the ability to manage time-sensitive and high-priority topics more efficiently.

Dasseti delivers dynamic capabilities and consistent innovation, providing a comprehensive platform to manage the entire due diligence process.

Because we understand diligence isn’t a one-off process, we offer enhanced flexibility to better adapt to meet client needs, zero-in on industry requirements, and accurately observe market conditions.

What used to take days or months, takes just a few hours for Dasseti users – and that’s a major win for everyone involved.

Private bankers and wealth managers can simplify and enrich their processes of shortlisting funds, creating buy lists, and monitoring them.


Our software provides a streamlined selection and supervised experience that empowers teams to consolidate and visualize information, plan effectively to propose more shortlisted funds to their clients and go from plan to execution in an efficient and collaborative way.

To learn more about the Dasseti platform, please contact us.

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